Painting Preamble


Painting is a way to materialize the intricacies of our minds, we must understand by that his fantasies, his dreams, emotions and all these things necessary to our eyes as an intimate part of us.
To represent these images as closely as possible (as our inner vision, sees it), our hands need to overcome the technical knowledge of it.
What influences our work starts with our education, our experiences and often continues through the vision of the work of other artists.
For my part, Paul Gauguin, and Rowena Manuel Sanjulián Morril gave me the urge to paint.
The palette of colors and tools are based on the effects that we do or we want to achieve.

The Pin-up in all its forms


The pin up is more or less born in the thirties but in 1940 it will be affirmed, under the pen of artists like Vargas (Varga's Girl), Peter Dreben, Earl Moran, Gil Elvgren for most known .
During World War II airmen will attend her reputation in the painting on the nose of their planes.
Vargas will even draw designs for the squadrons.
We'll find them in calendars (Esquire), advertising, comics and magazines charm.
In 1951, the magazine's most famous men on the planet, Playboy did not name, was born and going to devote a specific page (Center fold).
In the 70s, France has also her charm's magazine is Aslan illustrating monthly page dedicated to the Pin-up.
The Pin-up'll find muses, the most famous Betty Page that inspire and still inspires many illustrators.
The cartoons also have their pin-up Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit more modern version of Tex Avery's sexy blonde, Lara Croft.....
Around the world it is the favorite subject of many of us.
Among the bests were present include Olivia de Berardinis, Hajime Sorayama, Hubert de Lartigue, Arthur de Pins ...
I hope you enjoy your visit to my own work on the Pin-ups.

                                               Patrick BOURLET